Entrepreneurship I - Entrepreneurs in Emerging Economies (Panama)

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Learn and apply concepts of entrepreneurship and business planning in the context of microenterprises in rural Central America. Learn about business models for microenterprises in rural Central America.

Students are guided by our local economic development professionals and mentors from leading consulting firms to build business plans (Canvas Model) for aspiring entrepreneurs in rural resource-limited communities in Panama. Through client interviews, concepts of microfinance, industry research, cultural sharing, and utilization of our deliverable templates, students create and present business plans with our selected clients.

In addition to our skill-based learning objectives, building cultural competence is integrated into the course to increase the quality of services and improve outcomes with community partners.


Customize your Business  Program by selecting a set of modules. Explore available modules below:

Module 1: Introduction to Kambia/Global Brigades and Overview of the Economic Context in Panama

Coordinator and student introductions along with a presentation on Global Brigades (GB) in Panama. Self-paced activity: Group reviews Panama’s economic development program materials in the context of GB’s Holistic Model for community development.

Module 2: How to Consult in Indigenous and Rural Communities in Panama

Students learn about the importance of cultural competency when consulting internationally. They prepare for their client meeting by reviewing key Spanish terms and researching their market and region. Self-paced Activity: The students review materials on economic human rights; and each group creates a team charter to establish their goals, individual responsibilities, and expectations.

Module 3: Meet the Client, Session #1

Introductory meeting between the client (entrepreneur) and the group to build relationships and have a cultural exchange. Self-paced activity: Group reviews notes from the meeting and completes a self-reflection activity.

Module 4: Meet the Client, Session #2

Live virtual session with the client to answer questions about their business. Self-paced activity: The group brainstorms areas of growth of the business and identifies good practices when consulting internationally.

Module 5: Meet the Client, Session #3

Consulting meeting with the client. Students will gather the final details to present their work so far to the mentor in the next session. Self-paced activity: Students will reflect on the key moments and errors of the meeting and determine the next steps based on consulting practices. Students begin working on final deliverables for the client.

Module 6: Meeting Feedback Session

Students will meet a mentor assigned to their group with whom they will review their progress, receive feedback based on the context of the client, and create a plan to finalize their deliverables. Self-paced Activity: Students will adjust deliverables based on the mentor’s feedback.

Module 7: Meet the Client, Session #4

Final meeting with the client. Students ask remaining questions and gather any information needed for their final deliverable presentation. Self-paced Activity: Students finalize their executive summary for the next session and review examples.

Module 8: Executive Summary Presentation

Group presents the Executive Summary (presentation of the client and deliverables on advanced business language) to the Global Brigades team and Professor. Self-paced Activity: Group prepares for the final presentation to the client.

Module 9: Final Presentation to the Client

Group presents the final deliverables to the client(s) and receives feedback. GB coordinator debriefs the group on feedback from the client and reflects on personal and professional development. Self-paced Activity: Students complete the evaluation survey and complete final reflections. Group reviews monitoring and evaluation reports

Impact Reporting

Students will be included in Global Brigades’ regular newsletters and receive project updates and overall monitoring and evaluation of our programs.



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