Virtual International Business and Marketing Programs with Kambia

Kambia’s Virtual Business Programs offer students an extraordinary opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge needed to develop and design business and marketing strategies for resource-limited small entrepreneurs in both rural and urban regions of Honduras.

As part of this unique experience, students confront the marketing challenges faced by microenterprises and strive to develop successful marketing strategies. During the program, students apply the 7 Ps of the marketing mix and engage in client interviews and in-depth industry research, culminating in the creation, design, and presentation of a tailored marketing plan and associated collateral for their respective business clients.

Beyond the acquisition of valuable skills, we place significant emphasis on cultivating intercultural competence within the course. To this end, we prepare both English and Spanish versions of the final executive summary presentation and the client’s business plan, with the dedicated support of our staff.

What it means to be a consultant in an international context

Being a consultant in this international context is a multifaceted role. It includes active participation in group meetings with clients during consultation sessions, dedicated work sessions, mentoring sessions with corporate consultants, and the delivery of marketing plans and deliverables. Successful completion of this marketing program equips students with the ability to:

  • Analyze and comprehend economic challenges impacting rural communities in developing countries.
  • Assess a business’s strengths and weaknesses to craft suitable marketing solutions.
  • Collaborate effectively in small groups to consult with urban or rural-based business clients, ultimately formulating marketing plans aimed at driving growth in developing countries.

To ensure a seamless experience for students, the program provides bilingual, on the ground facilitators as well as business mentors. Professional staff coordinate each virtual session, ensuring that students are never left to navigate the journey alone. To facilitate communication with business clients, a dedicated translator is provided during virtual sessions.

Electronic support materials are accessible to students through Canvas (LMS), and the program ensures well-coordinated session scheduling for all class meetings and client engagements.

Kambia and Global Brigades Virtual Business and Marketing Program is a testament to the power of international collaboration in empowering students to drive meaningful change, all while acquiring invaluable skills and experience. If you want your students to participate in an international consulting experience, contact us or leave us your information and we can provide you with more in-depth information.

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